Governance Scorecard for Startups

How to fill:

Please mark (√) in case followed by your organisation, mark (X) in case not followed by your organisation and (NA) in case not applicable to your organisation.

Scoring Methodology:

Each (√) will carry a score of 1 and each (X) will carry a score of 0. Each (NA) will be excluded from the numerator as well as the denominator and hence will be completely excluded from scoring. The sum of score as a percentage of total points answered (except NA) will be the governance percentage of your organisation and maximum percentage achievable is 100%

Formula for calculating Governance score:


It is suggested that questions marked with an asterisk (*) may be answered in Yes/ No and ‘NA’ as an answer may be avoided to such questions to calculate a realistic corporate governance score.

What does your governance percentage score indicate:

More than 50%

Emerging Governance

More than 75%

Expanding Governance

More than 90%

Mature Governance

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